10 Splendid Life Truths Of Motherhood

At the suggestion of Gretchen Rubin, I wrote down the motherhood version of my splendid life truths. They are more a reminder for me than anything, but I thought I would share. Enjoy!

1. Go slow. Rushing helps no one.


2. The schedule is serving you, you are not serving the schedule.

3. Self-care is as important as child-care.


4. Figure out what works for you and your family. Let go of thinking everything must be perfect or how you expected it. My house will be cluttered with toys, everything will not be homemade, and I will not always feel gracious. I will love and seek forgiveness and grace, I will offer understanding and grace in return.
5. Everything takes longer. Just expect it.


6. My kids don’t have to be perfectly behaved or dressed all the time to mean I’m a good mom. My concern over the appearance of my fitness as a mother is generally an expression of vanity.

7. The whole family will benefit from me finding an outlet I am passionate about and being willing to spend some of my time on that. My kids are better off without 100% of my attention and it helps me trend in the direction of sanity.


8. There will be trade offs in order to spend time on something you’re passionate about. It doesn’t all have to fit perfect.

9. Children are people. They are not behaviors to be managed, inconveniences to be distracted, or unsophisticated tag alongs. When I treat them as the beautiful human beings they are everyone is a little better off.


10. It’s ok that it feels really hard sometimes. Sometimes there’s an incline that we don’t perceive until we reach the top, and then it all makes sense that it was hard. We were climbing a mountain without realizing it. 

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