You Have Something To Say.

You have something to say. You may not believe it, or even know it yet. All I know is we’re all called to figure it out. It’s not something political, and it’s not something that sounds smart– it’s just a way to show the world that you’re participating. It’s not demeaning to others. It’s not to prove anything. It’s just some bit of truth that is springing up from inside you, and when it finally has the right conditions to sprout, you won’t be able to help but let it bloom out of you. It may be quiet, and maybe no one will hear you, but you still have something to say and it still deserves to be said. You know the story, a tree fell in the woods – blah blah blah – even if you think no one hears you when you say it, it was still offered to the world and you never know when the echo of what you said that no one heard might ping off of a distant wall and someone will hear it without you knowing it.

IMG_1874Because it’s really about knowing what you have to say, and then living what you have to say – the words aren’t so important to be heard out loud so long as you know them inside. They grow stronger and louder inside your own interior walls so that other people will hear them just because of the echo of your life.


I’m thinking about tattooing this on myself, because I keep forgetting. I keep forgetting to let my words out onto the page, I keep forgetting that I have something to say worth hearing, I keep forgetting that my story matters. How is it that the prevailing belief is the opposite – that what I have to say doesn’t matter, that my story is unremarkable, that no one cares – when every time I do share something true, not hiding behind facts and knowledge, but something from within myself people tell me it matters to them. Why do I keep believing those lies when the truth keeps telling me it’s true?


So say something from inside you – true, and kind, and you. Share yourself today. It’ doesn’t have to be packaged or pretty or polished, just true.

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