Enough Is Enough

A Letter To Myself:


Enough with the body shame. You’ve been at it for years – for literally as long as you can remember you were feeling something bad about the way you look or presented yourself. It wasn’t always your fault, sometimes other people said things that made you feel this way. But mostly you learned it and adopted this idea as your own. And so now it is time to move on, to adopt an original idea, and be done with this.


You are beautiful as you are. You do not need to lose ten pounds, although you’ve nearly destroyed yourself trying. You do not need to have perfect skin – nobody does. Why are you so consumed with trying to look like an image that isn’t real? Why do you worship at the altar of unreality? You are already perfect! This is all in your head, this idea that other people will really care if you lose weight and start looking like a magazine.


This is all a big sham that someone or something has created to keep you from growing into your powerful potential. It’s a lie to keep you from living the life you’re called to live. It’s a game that you’re losing and if you lose you won’t fulfill your life’s obligations. Maybe radically accepting yourself right now and seeing the beauty you’re carrying around but hiding with shame is the way you learn to radically accept all those other people you don’t get or who are so different. This is where love starts: letting go of all this shame. It’s time to get on with being the beautiful creature you already are.

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